WordPress Support, No Monthly Fees

Hire a professional to resolve your WordPress issues

with no monthly commitment

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WordPress Support, No Monthly Fees

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Quick Support Without Monthly Fees

Unlike a traditional support model with a monthly commitment, our pay-as-you-go allows you to get the support you need without paying for services you aren’t using.

Fast, Reliable Service

We pay professionals by the number of tickets they resolve in a month.

This methodology has caused our response time on tickets to drop down dramatically when compared to other companies.

Fast Solutions

Most tickets are resolved within 48 hours

No Monthly Commitments

Pre-purchase credits, and use them when you need.

Reliable & Knowledgable

We work with the most professionals in our network

Frequenly Asked Questions

What Issues Can a Support Credit Resolve?

A support credit is essentially any annoying little problem your website is having that you just can’t figure out how to fix. This could be console errors, unexpected WordPress errors, or style changes.

Some Simple Examples:

  1. My header is messing up on mobile
  2. I can’t figure out how to display my social media icons in my footer
  3. I can’t get MailChimp to connect to Ninja Forms
  4. I can’t get my PayPal account connected to WooCommerce
  5. I want to skip the WooCommerce cart page and go straight to checkout
  6. I only want my age verifier to display on my shop page
  7. I changed themes and now My calendar page is messed up
What Happens If The Problem Can't Be Resolved?

Sometimes, a problem will be submitted to us that falls outside of our scope, or the issue is simply not able to be fixed.

In these rare cases, we will close the ticket, and credit your account with the support credit you had spent.

Do Credits Ever Expire?

Absolutely not! That is what makes prepaid credits so useful. They provide you with a budget-friendly way to have access to a WordPress professional whenever you need it.

Are credits per website, or Per Account?

Credits are on a per-account basis, and are not tied in any way to any specific WordPress website.

Unlike our ongoing support subscription, can be used on absolutely any WordPress-based website.