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DesignFrame Solutions is always looking for entrepreneurial-spirited professionals to partner with. Regardless of if you’re moonlighting for some extra cash, or if you’re a full-time freelancer, DesignFrame has some work that fits your needs

Do What You Love, We’ll Handle The Rest.

We believe that those who work with us should do what they love. DesignFrame is a business built by freelancers, for freelancers, and as such we understand the challenges that come from working for yourself.

We have developed a system that splits up our projects into roles. Each role works together to complete the project.

Our Roles

Project Manager

Handles client communication, and keeps the project on track

Back End Development

Develops plugins, API integrations, and e-commerce processes.


Finds the opportunities, brings them our way, and helps determine scope

Front End Development

Develops administrative interfaces, websites, and web applications.


Resolves support tickets and keeps our past customers happy.


Creates concepts to help bring clarity on how to solve the problem.
I like how organized (DesignFrame) has felt. I have not felt responsible at any time to communicate problems and ideas to the client. It mostly has been just me doing the tasks at hand. Joel Worsham


DesignFrame tells me about how many hours the job will take to complete, and give me a fixed number they’ll pay to have the job done on-time. If I get it done in half the prescribed time, I still get paid the same, effectively doubling my hourly rate. Alex Standiford


Our Take on Billing May Surprise You

We strongly believe in Parkinson’s Law: work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. To us, this law runs rampant in traditional hour-based employment, where many people do 20 hours worth of work in a 40 hour work week. As a result, many employees sit around their office, bored. We want you to enjoy life, and believe that you can make a living working less hours. That’s why we bill everything at a fixed price. We believe in celebrating efficiency.

When a project is completed efficiently, everybody wins. The customer gets their product faster, technicians get their full pay sooner, and we can open ourselves up to more work in less time.

Perks & Benefits

We believe that DesignFrame is a great fit for moonlighters, and freelancers alike.

Fixed, Guaranteed Payment

You’ll know exactly what to expect with the project, and will know exactly how much you’ll be paid.

No Commitment The Project Is Done

Once the project is done, you have no further commitment with us until you start the next project.

100% Remote

Freedom doesn’t feel very free if you’re stuck going to an office every day.

Take As Much As You Need

Regardless of if you’re just a moonlighter looking to make some extra cash, or a full-time freelancer, DesignFrame can help you reach your goals.

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